Getting used to things



Narumi left his warm toast on his table and leaned on the wall outside his office. He had just spent some time talking with the Sandman he caught a few days before. It was a good source of information… IF he could understand what it was saying… Sometimes I wonder if I lack imagination… He wondered why he was spending his free time doing meaningless acts that amounted to nothing. It was another thing to just be lazy and sit in his chair all day but actually doing something and getting nothing helpful for his act felt degrading. He sighed and stared at the tube containing the demon in his hands. I’ll have to find some other way to crack you open then…

As Edgeworth walked down the hall his stomach seemed to rumble louder and louder. He sighed and eventually made his way to the teacher’s lounge. He walked inside and located his lunch bag. He grabbed it and began to make the journey back to his classroom when he noticed a man whom he had never met before leaning against the wall.

Narumi was lost in thought until he heard some footsteps coming from somewhere in the hall. He looked at the direction the sound came from and saw an intimidating man with a solid build of a body. He was a little taller than Narumi, which was the part that intimidated him, but he just remained calm and smiled. Judging by his attire… I’d say he’s a faculty member. He thought. He decided to introduce himself by tipping his hat to the stranger. “Hi there,” he greeted. “Name’s Narumi, and I’m new around here.”